Tecan spark 20m user manual

Switch on a laird cooling unit if temperature below 28 c is needed right side laird unit, b spark m10 main power rear side spark and c function switch front panel. Testack is an efficient tool for automating the storage, retrieval and fast delivery of microplates and disposable tips. Multimode microplate reader, live cell assays tecan. This freely configurable system gives researchers access to new techniques and features intended to enhance and streamline biochemical and cellbased workflows. Tecan s spark multimode microplate reader was used to identify metabolic changes during the differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells and to assess and quantify cell viability, cytotoxicity and apoptosis, using several wellestablished and reliable cellbased assays developed by promocell.

Spark has a simple and costeffective cell imaging module built directly into the reader, enabling automated cell counting and viability analysis in slides, as well as bright field imaging and automated confluence assessment in microplates. Its slender design allows the cavro adp to be mounted in automated applications with narrow 18. What is the right gain to be chosen in fluorescence intensity measurement. Fluorescence, brightfield and digital phase contrast imaging combined with full environmental control and standard detection modes creates a powerful tool for cell research. Tecan has launched the spark 20m multimode microplate reader, offering tailormade solutions to suit virtually any drug discovery or advanced life science research application. Tecan journal empower your research with the spark 20m. Tecan spark cyto the first live cell plate reader with realtime. Dynatech microplate reader, and dynatech equipment available. The new spark 20m multimode microplate reader offers tailormade solutions to suit virtually any drug discovery or advanced life science research application.

The spark stack is a compact, reliable and fieldupgradeable microplate stacker for walkaway automation of spark multimode readers. Tecan infinite 200 pro instructions for use manual pdf. Tecan is a leading global provider of automated laboratory instruments and solutions. The cavro integration kit provides all necessary items for you to start evaluating tecan cavro components quickly and easily, letting you focus on using the component, rather than how to. Notice every effort has been made to avoid errors in text and diagrams. A versatile user interface and powerful data reduction capabilities enable the optimization of sophisticated.

The first live cell plate reader with realtime image cytometry. Both new and used at labx, find dynatech products in auctions and classified ads. To be determined detailed product specification, manufacturer data sheets, prices and availability. Designed to enhance the productivity of biochemical and cellbased assays, it is equipped with snapon dark covers to protect lightsensitive assay. New icontrol applications for dnarna quantification and measuring the labeling efficiency. Tecans spark 20m multimode microplate reader european. What is the right gain to be chosen in fluorescence. The fully flexible detection platform with smart automation. Magellan supports the complete line of tecan microplate readers enabling quick and easy measurements of samples for both firsttime and expert users alike. Magellan get more from your microplate reader with magellan, the universal reader control and data analysis software from tecan. Page 1 instructions for use for infinite 200 pro document part no 30052730 201604 document revision no 1.

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