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The beechcraft bonanza is an american general aviation aircraft introduced in 1947 by beech aircraft corporation of wichita, kansas. The turbineairs exemplary takeoff and climb performance make it a much better neighbor in terms of overflight noise compared to a stock bonanza. Complete beechcraft bonanza performance calculator for vfr and ifr. Cavu companies aircraft performance software for turbine. Below is the after view of f33 bonanza, n82903, now outfitted by nexair with a new g500, gtn750, jpi tsod edm 930 engine monitor, ipad wireless interface, and adsb inout. The beech bonanza is in production since 1947 which is longer than any other aircraft in the world. Confidence, strength, agility, and performance n6999n 1975 v35b bonanza by dean saucier, east windsor, connecticut. The basic vtail bonanza design also continued to evolve over the next two decades the fuselage was lengthened, followed by the introduction of a fuelinjected engine.

Of those two aircraft i would go with the bonanza but there has to be a mooney available in that same price range. In this module, you can specify datasets for an aircraft and analyze its geometry and performance. This is a thoughtful and detailed book thats written from an unusual but valuable perspective. Special thanks to milton shupe and scott thomas for period gauges. The app is not a commercial software product, and has not been thoroughly tested. We currently have 6 new or used bonanza f33a aircraft listings. There is a contact form on the menu bar above to pose a question or, if you prefer, you can call us at 8004643375.

I sort of stirred up a hornets nest with a recent post about cirrus airplanes and cirrus pilots. It includes calculations for takeoff, landing, climb, cruise, descent, instrument procedures as well as emergencies. Bonanza f33a specifications, cabin dimensions, speed. Our turbo alternator is made to be used on small aircraft like the aeronca, bonaza, cessna, luscombe, mooney, piper, stearman and taylorcraft. To develop aircraft performance software, ultranav derived advanced mathematical techniques which are used to transform airplane flight manual afm graphsdata into modules of powerful equations, which replicate all the linear and nonliners shapes and forms of the afm graphsdata. Flying the beech bonanza hardcover december 15, 1997.

The software is designed for speed, simplicity and flexibility in its use. Media format immediate download compatibility xplane 10. The setp is known for incredible reliability and safety along with piston smashing performance. He uses the airplane several times a week, servicing clients throughout the eastern u. It basically lets you analyze aircraft design based on chosen model and parameters. Considering how many decades adobe has pioneered postscript and pdf technology, they could and should do better than this. At the end of world war ii, two allmetal light aircraft emerged, the model 35 bonanza and the cessna 195, that represented very different approaches to the premium end of the postwar civilaviation market. The bonanza v35a is a four to sixplace allmetal, low wing, singleengine airplane with fully retractable, tricycle landing gear. A few commenters compared the discussion with ones about the beech vtail model 35 bonanzas a long time ago. I figure an io 540 is burning about 15 gph at that power setting. This aircraft boasts superb external textures, accurately detailed animations, great lighting effects, custom panels and gauges, excellent flight characteristics and modelling of the very smallest details. The book fills in a lot of the details, giving you a much more complete. So it is important that the airplane you choose fits your. Cavu has been in business for nearly 30 years and has been creating aircraft performance systems for over 20 years.

Showalter aviation and marine presents this gorgeous oneowner, no damage 2007 g36 bonanza. You will find performance information on almost any general aviation aircraft that has been in production in the past 40 years. Scariest take off ive ever seen aircraft performance. The baron g58 is the perfect balance of horsepower combined with peaceofmind, twinengine redundancy and security. The after view of be33 bonanza, n82903, now outfitted with a new g500, gtn750, jpi tsod edm 930 engine monitor, ipad wireless interface, and adsb inout. Ads is a free aircraft design software for windows. Recently upgraded panel includes the must have garmin gtn 750 touchscreen gps, g5 hsi, and adsb gtx 345 transponder. Beechcraft g36 bonanza aircraft for sale 21 listings. My typical leg is 400 to 600 nm, says oxman, and with the bonanza, i can cover that distance in 2.

That airplane was actually referred to by many as the vtail doctor killer back in its heyday. Realistic night lights effects on panel and cockpit. Stateoftheart configurable fpsfriendly logic system. These datasets include model classification, general layout, manufacturer, sources, types multipurpose, business, transport. Therefore its this writers opinion that the new pilot should approach flying a vtail bonanza exactly the same as approaching an aircraft like a p51 mustang. It also includes an interactive hold calculator, a risk analysis tool, and an. Bonanza performance computes all the useful performance numbers for flight planning for beechcraft bonanza aircraft with options for turbonormalizer and tip tanks. You count on its solid feel, comfortable ride, and outstanding control harmonies.

Beechcraft bonanza v35tc for fsx fly away simulation. Caravan if you already have the ct206h stationair xplane 11 ct206h new available now. This modification was the work of peter mcleland who was kind enough to assist with this engine modification for the fsx carenado a36. As with most pilots, i preferred to fly the airplane in which i had earned my license. With firstclass technology and comfort and worldclass quality, your bonanza g36 is ready for any adventure. Beech had previously founded travel air in 1924, but after they were bought by curtisswright in 1929 and beech was moved to a position as vp of sales, he longed for a return to. Beechcraft v35b bonanza aircraft general description the beechcraft bonanza is a fourseat to sixseat, highperformance, retractablegear, singleengine, lowwing general aviation aircraft which was.

As with the cirrus, the problem was more with pilots than with the airplane. The program has too many outright performance bugs to be my primary pdf editing platform. Today 2016 in production is the beechcraft bonanza g36. As a neophyte pilot i found myself at the crossroads of not having an aircraft to fly. This airplane is certificated in the utility category. Performance calculator for beechcraft bonanza aircraft. Id say its most valuable to bonanza pilots having at least basic familiarity with how these planes fly. Read, basic aircraft products, beechcraft bonanza for the bae1428 turbo alternator and the bpe14 turbo alternator. We not only deal in beechcraft but we personally own, operate, and maintain our own beechcraft. The sixseater, singleengine aircraft is still being produced by beechcraft and has been. Aircraft performance stats and information for the beechcraft j 35 bonanza aircraft. In 2016, bonanza was named a best entrepreneurial company in america by entrepreneur magazine.

Adsb compliant garmin g waas integrated avioincs suite. This pistonengine powerhouse is designed and built to be certified in the rugged utility category. Used 2006 beechcraft g36 bonanza for sale in lumberton, new jersey. The vtail bonanza, like the warbird, is designed for experienced pilots who take the time to study and fly and operate such an aircraft with organization, patients, and preparedness. The sixseater, singleengined aircraft is still being produced by beechcraft and has been in continuous production longer than any other aircraft in history. Certain maneuvers as per the aircrafts poh are permitted. You can find the plane you are looking for two ways. Afm solutions aircraft performance and weight and balance.

Lots of books explain how to fly a particular aircraft what speeds work best, loading issues, etc but although this book has some of that, it really attempts to explain why these aircraft perform the way they do, using math and physics to connect the performance the pilot experiences to the. Each application is written specifically for your aircraft type and model afm solutions is a. The basic vtail bonanza design also continued to evolve over the next two decades the fuselage was lengthened, followed by the introduction of a fuelinjected engine increasing the aircrafts overall performance. Carenado f33a bonanza fsx fsx general aviation fsx add. With its highwing, sevencylinder radial engine, fixed tailwheel undercarriage, and rolldown side windows, the cessna 195 was little more than a continuation of prewar technology. Your beechcraft is one of the best airplanes in the sky. App computes the complete range of aircraft performance parameters over a userspecified range of altitudes, speeds and other variables. Costly mistake avoidance the entire aircraft purchase process is riddled with pitfalls and can ultimately lead to expensive mistakes. With seating for six, large cargo doors and two baggage compartments, the baron g58 offers great flexibility for both business and pleasure. In fact, this little sixseater has been in use by beechcraft renowned for their longevity for a longer space of time. The current straighttail model, the bonanza 36, was first built in 1968 and is still in production today. Bedell pete bedell is a pilot for a major airline and coowner of a cessna 172m and beechcraft baron d55.

Watch as a g36 bonanza with a tornado alley turbo performs a short field take off in a mountainous area, and just barley makes it out alive. Beechcraft bonanza g36 the purchase of a beechcraft bonanza or an airplane in the same price category is a longterm investment. Reliability, comfort, and performance the beech aircraft company was founded in 1932 in wichita, kansas, by walter beech and his wife olive. A 36 bonanza 300 hp aeronca aerostar american champion american general beechcraft bellanca cessna commander eads socata lake luscombe aircraft maule mooney piper pzl. We provide seamless and trust worthy consulting finding you the best available and value for your dollars. A solid, reliable private jet that can take you anywhere a midsized jet can go at the cost of lightjet travel. Aircraft performance apps include our powerful aircraft weight and balance software.

Jun 11, 2012 i sort of stirred up a hornets nest with a recent post about cirrus airplanes and cirrus pilots. Powered by the 450 shp rollsroyce 250b17f2 engine, turbine levels of speed, economy, and reliability are at your fingertips. The fact that he didnt have a fixedwing pilots license wasnt a factor. But while your airframe and engine are timeless, your avionics may need updating. G with gfc700 autopilot, skywatch, air conditioning, gamis. Soloy continues to raise the bar with its latest version and unmatched factory support of a legendary airframe engineered to a perfect power package. Garmin gma47 digital audio panel6 place intercom system with aux music inputs frontrear garmin gia63w.

Handpicked lists are a wonderful forum to showcase items, to interact with other sellers, and to promote sales. That said, if can be purchased for the right price, as i was able to via bonanza, then it a useful tool to have at hand. The first variants of the bonanza without a vtail were designated model 33 debonair, later 1966 also named bonanza. My typical leg is 400 to 600 nm, says oxman, and with the bonanza, i. The bonanza g36 is the aspiration of any pilot who desires unmatched craftsmanship. Poh performance computes all the useful performance numbers for flight planning for the socata tbm, the beechcraft baron and bonanza, and the cessna 172 aircraft. You can search the database using the form below or you can browse the index of aircraft manufactures that are included. We also use periodic direct mailings to potential new customers. Aircraft performance program darcorporation aircraft. The classic turboprop twin, now in its new version c90 new available now. Beechcraft 36 bonanza series aircraft for sale used. The beechcraft bonanza is an aircraft that has been around since just after the second world war, producing more than sixty years of elite service to civil services.

Flight performance instrument procedures glide distance. The soloy a36 bonanza turbine brings high speed turbine reliability to the legendary a36 bonanza airframe. Steam edition rendition of the beechcraft f33a bonanza, is a highly detailed and accurate aircraft. Aircraft performance program app is a specialized software for aircraft performance analysis. A brandnew glasspaneled bonanza g36 was the perfect fit for his growing business. Spins or other aerobatic maneuvers are not allowed. This engine modification was first developed for the dreamfleet a36 bonanza with tip tanks. Carenado f33a bonanza fsx manufactured by carenado only for fsx. Customizable panel for controlling windows transparency, instrument reflections and static elements such as wheel chocks. Beechcraft buyers services is the first place to start for worry free aircraft purchasing.

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